Common algae of the Bahamas

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I. Common algae of the Bahamas
A. Ecological Importances of Algae
1. Base of Food web
2. Produces 30-50% of net global oxygen
3. Coralline Algae:Significant for coral reef framework
a) provides calcareous material for structure of reefs
b) cements reef together
c) important source of primary production
B. Economic Importance of Algae
1. Coralline Algae
a) soil conditiong
b) food additive for cattle, pigs
c) filtration of acidic drinking water
d) Medicene
1. prepartion of dental bone implants
e) stratigraphic markers
f) Coralline - building stones
C. Identification of Common Algae of the Bahamas
1. Common identification and families
2. Identification of 3 common seagrasses and Ecological Importance
a) Thalassia
b) Syringodium
c) Halodule
Ecological Importance:
a) Habitats
b) Food source

References about Algae:
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When you are snorkeling or diving the beautiful waters surrounding the Bahamas, what do you see? First, I will show 10 slides of algae, before we venture into the warm crystal waters of San Salvador, so we can start to identify some of the sights of algae you will encounter. Afterwards, I will be presenting some basic facts of the ecological and a few economical importance of the algae that we see at the lab. I will also be identifying in the water as well as back at the lab about the different types of algae, seagrass and corals. It becomes exciting when you start putting labels to the corals,algae, and seagrass that you will encounter, as well as the marine life that flows around you when you are snorkeling and diving in the underwater world. I am looking forward to share with your excitment and learning of our educational journey yet to come.

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