Coral Reefs(what we should know about the reef's we'll be exploring)

This discussion topic submitted by Amy VonBargen ( on 3/2/98.

Amy's speech outline.

TITLE: Coral Reefs (What we should know about the reef's we'll be exploring)

1) Introduction(overview):
A summary of what coral reefs are. Then tell them what I'm going to tell them. That is, 1) origin and development of coral reefs; 2) habitat requirements; 3) human interaction with coral reefs.

2) Body of speech:

1) origin and development
a)Charles Darwin concluded in 1842 barrier reefs began
b) Where maximum growth occurs
c) plate tectonics role

2) habitat requirements
a) water type needed
b) depth
c) water temperatures
d) amount of wave action
e) precipitation

3) human interaction (good and bad)

CONCLUSION (tell them what I told them)
Reinforce the importance of knowing about 1,2,3 to better uderstand the beauty of coral reefs as we snorkle over them.

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