Cute, but Don't Touch! [poison dart frogs of Costa Rica]#1

This discussion topic submitted by Jill Korach ( on 5/8/98.

Poison dart frogs inhabit the tropical rain forests of Central and South America. They rarely reach 2 inches and are extremely colorful creatures. They are utilized by many indigenous peoples of the tropical forest and are one of the most dangerous species on Earth! Unlike many other species of frogs, poison dart frogs lay very few eggs during the the rainy forest season. I am excited for our trip and to learn more about these cute, dangerous amphibians! Remember, you can look, but Don't Touch!!

I. Poison dart frog facts
a. origin of name
b. significance of bright colors

II. Location of poison dart frogs
a. where in the world
b. where in the forest

III.Chemistry of the poison

IV. Diet

V. Any other interesting facts I can dig up!

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