Deforestation of the Costa Rican Rainforests

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As you may already know, tropical rainforests are a necessary resource for the survival of the planet. Through my discussion I will hope to better educate the class on the local and global impacts of Costa Rican deforestation.

I. Introduction
a) some basic stats
b) rates of deforestation

II. Causes of Deforestation
a) Logging
b) Cattle Ranching
c) Agricultural Need
d) Population Growth
e) Infrastructal Growth
f) Mining

III. Impacts of Deforestation
a) Soil Quality
b) Water Quality
c) Loss of Natural Habitat
d) Carbon Dioxide Levels
e) Disease

IV. Who's Responsible

V. Programs for Improvement
a) Private Ownership
b) Ley de Aguas
c) Debt-for-Nature
d) National Parks
e) Stop Imports


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