Final-The Great Barracuda

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Summary:The barracuda can reach a size of six feet in lenght and weigh over 100 lbs. They are missle shaped and have the ability to change colors from light to dark. They are also usually the top predators found on reefs. The spawning behaviors have yet to be documented. Their habitat is world wide, in warmer waters. They may be found near the shores or in the deep ocean, and many migrate to desirable water temperatures. The barracuda may be found alone or in very large schools. It would be very rare for a barracuda to attack a human, but they have very intimidating large, exposed k-9 teeth.

I. Morphology
A. Size
B. Color and changing colors selectively
C. Speed

II. Feeding behavior and Prey composition
A. Juveniles
B. Top predator
D. Opportunistic predator
E. Be careful eating-ciguatara

III. Life history
A. Spawning
B. Develpement
C. Communication

IV. Biogeography
A. Habitats and Range
B. Most populated areas

V. Habitat shift
A. Water temperature
B. Near and off shore

VI. Social Behavior

VII. Associations with other fish

VIII. Behavior at night

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