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Jellyfish - Final Outline

I choose jellyfish for my research project because I found them to be very interesting creatures. They even scared me a little, so I wanted to find out more about them. In my previous outline I posted some of my references and in this final outline I posted some more sources that I used.

Phylum Coelenterate
Class Scyphozoan

I. Appearance
A. Texture
1. Gelatinous
2. 99% water- will evaporate on shore
B. Shape
1. Dome shaped
2. Shallow saucer
3. Deep-bell
C. Color
1. Pink
2. White

II. Physical Appearance
A. Tentacles
1. Nematocyst bearing
B. Feeding tube
C. Mouth at free-end
D. Four chambered stomach
1. Distribute food
E. Eye spots
1. Base of tentacles

III. Movement
A. Pulsating contractions

IV. Eating habits
A. Small plankton animals
1. Sting and paralyze prey

V. Fossil record
A. Pre-Cambrian to present
B. Grand canyon

VI. Reproduction
A. Egg
B. Planula
C. Scyphistoma
D. Strobula
E. Young medusa
F. Adult medusa

VII. Stinging
A. Symptoms
1. Nausea
2. Vomiting
3. Diarrhea
4. Headache
B. Treatment
1. Anahistamine
2. Hydrocortisone
C. Prevention
1. Listening to local beach reports
2. Avoid wearing tee-shirts
3. Shower after each swim
4. Wash bathing suit after each swim

VIII. Interesting facts
A. Australian box jellyfish
B. Delicacy in many cultures

Buchsbaum, Ralph. Animals Without Backbones. 1948.
Milne, Lorus and Margery. Invertebrates of North America. 1972.
Stidworthy, John. Encyclopedia of the Animal World: Simple Animals. 1990.
Wells, Martin. Lower Animals. 1968.

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