Melaleuca quinquenervia: what is this thing?

This discussion topic submitted by Joseph Shacat ( on 6/10/98.

Well, I think I have the honor of being the last person to propose a topic. I'm leaving for Florida in about five hours. Anyway, here is a brief outline:

Myrtaceae family
Where it comes from (Australia)
What does it include
What are its characteristics
Melaleuca genus
Brief overview of the species included (over 200)
What are its characteristics
Melaleuca quinquenervia
Biological characteristics
the tree itself
Origin in the everglades
Native habitat
How it got to the everglades
Floridian habitat
potential range in the U.S.
Past and present techniques for counting M. quinquenervia
proposals for counting techniques
Control methods
Biological methods
Physical methods
Herbicidal controls
Official policy
International and federal legislation
State and local legislation and policy


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