The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of El Nino. (Draft#1)

This discussion topic submitted by Joe VanDorn ( on 5/7/98.

I. Intro to El Nino
For those who do not know the science behind El Nino, I will dicuss the "natural processes" of El nino. Basically, the hows and whys of El Nino.

II. Affects of El Nino
I will give examples of El nino related weather changes as well as events blamed on el nino, which will include: disease, tornados, insects, weather changes, dying fish...etc.

III. Predicting El Nino... can it be done?
I will discuss how scientists propose to predict this great event.

IV. Conclusion

I want to give the class a better understanding of El Nino and its impact not only in the U.S., but also around the world. I believe this topic to be important because El Nino plays a significant role in the enviroment in which we live.

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