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Well, I was wondering why no one had responded to my topic! I guess my last posting got lost in cyberspace, so here's round two! I hope to gain a betterunderstanding of poison dart frogs. My presentation will include the origins of their name, significance of their colorings, as well as where they are found and their daily habits. Poison dart frogs are beautiful creatures with many unique characteristics for amphibians, including mating habits. These cute animals are a great threat to other species dipite their small size and cute appearance.


I. Introduction
A. General characteristics
B. Origin of name

II. Habits
A. Where found -- globally and locally
B. Diet
C. Mating --roles of male and female

III.Characteristics of the poison
A. Reasons for evolution
B. Harmful effects
C. How poison is delivered

IV. Conclusion


1. Http:// frog/htm
2. Http://
3. Neotropical Companion
4. Daly, JW. 1994. An uptake system for dietary alkaliods in poison dart frogs. TOXICON 32 (6): 657-663.

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