Biological Diversity in the Tropics: What's the Latest Scoop? (Draft #1)

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I. Tropical Forests - how diverse are they?

II. Geologic history of tropical regions

III. evolution in tropical environments
A. "advantages" to growth
1. absence of seasonally low temperatures
2. prolonged growing season
B. "constraints" to growth
1. low soil nutrients
2. persistent biological interactions (predation, herbivory)

IV. Hypotheses explaining tropical biological diversity
A. Janzen-Connell hypothesis
B. intermediate disturbance hypothesis - Connell (1978)
C. low soil fertility - Huston (1979)
D. Hubbell-Foster (1986)
E. refugia theory - Simpson and Haffer (1978)
F. soil variability - Gentry (1986)
G. area-dependent speciation - Terborgh (1973), Rosenweig (1995)

V. Critiques of hypotheses - the latest scoop

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