Butterflies - A beautiful Business!! (Draft #1)

This discussion topic submitted by Tara Wells (wellsts@miamioh.edu) on 4/23/98.

I plan to lead a discussion on butterflies (first in general and then move into the tropics). Not only do they hold an invaluable position in the whole scheme of nature, but also provide a great opportunity for individuals in Costa Rica.

I. Importance of butterflies in the cycle of nature
(To be developed further)

II. Diversity of butterflies in Costa Rica(C.R.)
A. Characteristics of C.R. conducive to great diversity
B. Species abundance

III. Butterfly life cycle
A. Egg
1. characteristics
2. locations found
B. Larva
1. characteristics
2. description of eating patterns
C. Pupa
1. misconception - "resting stage"
2. functions carried out
D. Adult
1. various parts and functions
2. importance of particular parts

IV Background of Butterfly Farming
A. provides various benefits to the community
B. minimal requirements necessary

V. Butterfly Exhibits
A. history
B. circumstances leading to existing demands
C. growth in industry

VI. Background of Costa Rica Entomological Supply
A. birth of company
B. public interest in The Butterfly Farm
C. connection with other breeders

VII. Tasks involved in butterfly rearing
A. set up as a sanctuary
B. success depends upon daily maintenance jobs
C. increasing survival rates

VIII. Summary
Overall effects of butterfly farming to Costa Rica

sources: (as of now)
DeVires, Philip J. (1987) "The Butterflies of Costa Rica and Their Natural History".


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