Draft #1 Reproductive Biology and nesting Behavior of sea turtles

This discussion topic submitted by Melissa Mejia (mejiamd@miamioh.edu) on 4/6/98.

I plan on giving a general overview of the reproductive biology of sea turtles. The aspect I find most interesting and hope to share is the migratory period before nesting occurs. I would also like to discuss, in general, the first year of young sea turtles. I think this topic is fitting given that we will, hopefully, have the opportunity to see this in action. I feel it is an important topic because of it's depth. The reproductivity of sea turtles is not an easy one. I don't think many people realize what sea turtles undergo in order to perpetuate their species. I also feel that many people are unaware of the intricacies of the biology behind the migration to nesting sites. As a species, sea turtles have the ability to live for years but the first year of life is extremely dangerous for them and many don't even make it to the water. Also, I really like sea turtles and this gave me an opportunity to learn more about them.

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I. General reproductive Biology
II. Migrations
III. Thermal Biology
IV. nesting Behavior
V. First Year of Life

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