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I found this webpage and I'm searching for some persons to contact for my practical period. Can someone please help me?

I'm a student of the MBCS Velp (the Netherlands) of the department of Forest and Nature management/preserving.

On level four of my course I will be trained for a 16 weeks subjectrelated workplacement of the fourth year. During this workplacement, preliminary work and supervising work are emphasised. Such as planning, estimating the costs, MAKING INVENTORIES, LAND SURVEYING, performing measurements and in exceptional cases leading a team.

The 16 weeks of practical work have to be completed between august 2000 and january 2001. I want to know if you know someone who can offer me a workplacement like this? (that's why I am so interested in national parks or refuge areas, and found your page!!)

Further correspondence can be sent by preferably my e-mail address. For sure this one is:

I'm looking forward to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely, Roel Boots

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