National Parks of Costa Rica: Focus on Corcovado (Draft 1)

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Around 25% of Costa Rica is currently protected as national parks, preserves and reserves. There are several websites that contain incredible amounts of information about the parks and preserves. I hope to provide some background information of the national park system of Costa Rica, identify the 29 National Parks, hint at the other protected areas (preserves and reserves), but focus mostly on the Corcovado National Park.

Outline (very rough)
I. National Park System of Costa Rica
A. Types of Parks
B. Sizes of parks
C. List of parks
II. Corcovado National Park
A. History
B. Reason(s) for establishment
C. Special attributes/features of Corcovado
D. Drake Bay Wilderness Resort
E. Miscellaneous Trivia & Facts

I am considering adding a section on the Monteverde Cloud Forest or the Gandoca Manzanillo Reserve. Please let me know if this is too long, too short, too vague...

Preliminary list of resources:

Echeverria, J.; Hanrahan, M.; Solorzano, R. Valuation of non-priced amenities provided by the biological resources within the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, Costa Rica. Ecological Economics 13(1995), pp43-52.

Tripoli, S. Costa Rica saves a high dry forest. Christian Science Monitor. January 9, 1989; pp12-13.

Tye, L. Saving our planet: as stakes rise, plans emerge for preserving the forests. Boston Globe. April 10, 1989; pp1+.

In addition, I have ordered (and should be receiving soon!) a map of the Costa Rica National Parks.

I think that's all for now!


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