The Incredible Diversity of bats in Costa Rica!!! Draft #1

This discussion topic submitted by Devin Schenk ( on 4/10/98.

I became interested in the incredible diversity of bats in Costa Rica at the Brown Bag lunch that Dr. Cummins presented. There are 103 recorded species of bats in Costa Rica. They make up 50% of the wild mammals in the Nation!!
One specific topic I would like to concentrate on is the proliferation of vampire bats due to increased livestock in Costa Rica. The vampire bat is thriving on readily available cow blood and populations have reached pest proportions. Management plans so far have not recognized that there are 102 other species of bats, and they are killing indiscriminately.

Outline (very rough):

A. General info on bats of Costa Rica
B. Importance of bats to tropical ecosystems
C. The vampire bat problem
D. Interesting species


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