Adaptation and Camouflage of Ocean Animals Draft #2

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After searching for books and articles (thanks to everyone who offered their input) I have found a couple of resources.

Nature's Camouflage- Edith Banks
Animal Camouflage- Portmann
Colors for Survival- Mimicry and Camouflage in Nature- Marco Ferrari
Creatures, Corals, and Colors in America's Seas- David Bull
Reef Creature Identification of the Florida and Bahamas-Paul Humann

Here is a brief outline. Please offer any suggestions you can think of.

Camouflage and Adaptations
I. What are the types of camouflage?
A. Protective colorization
1. What is it, how does it work?
2. Cryptic Colorization
3. Alluring Colorization
4. Warning Colorization
5. Mimicry
B. Colors for mating
1. Animals that change to attract a mate
C. Hunting
1. Animals who are fortunate to be hidden from their prey

This is only the begining. With only a few more weeks left, I am working feverishly.

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