Can We Save the Everglades? Final

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In my discussion I will outline the history of the Everglades. I will discuss the historical flow and the hydroperiods that naturally occured there prior to the 1940's. I will tell about the C&SF project and the results how this impacted the ecology of the Everglades. The new Comprehensive plan developed by the Army Corps of Engineers will be introduced. I will address the positive outcomes of this new endeavor and will also offer several critisms of the plan.

Rescuing an Endangered Ecosystem- The plan to restore America's Everglades

Scientific America- Replumbing the Everglades

A Dynamic landscape model for fish in the Everglades and its application to restoration

Habitats-Everglades National park

Restoration Efforts

Threatened and Endangered Species of South Florida's National parks

Strategic Plan U.S. Wildlife Service

Planning for South Florida's Future

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