Coral Reef Pathogens (Final Outine)

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After much anticipation (Ohio-link took far longer to send journals that I ever could have imagined) here is my final outine and bibliography.

I. History of coral diseases (Introduction)
A. Early attempts to ID
B. As of 1984
C. Presently (1998 was as close to present as I could find)

II. Black Band Disease
A. Description
B. Species and Rand Effected
C. Spread Rate
D. Motility Responses (factors effecting spread rate)

III. Aspergillosis
A. Description
B. Cause
C. Effect

IV. White Band Disease
A. Description
B. Cause
C. Effect

V. Plague
A. Description
B. Cause
C. Effect


Day, Trevor. Oceans. New York; Facts on File Inc., 1999.

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McCarty, H.B. and E.C. Peters (1998) The coral disease page. Available at: _peters/plague.htm

Richardson, L.L. (1996) Horizontal and Vertical Migration Patterns of Phormidium corallyticum and Beggiatoa spp. Associated with Black Band Disease of Corals. Microbial Ecology. 32:323-335

Richardson, L.L (1998) Coral Diseases:What is really Known? TREE vol. 13 no. 11:438-443

Towle, Albert. Modern Biology. New York; Holt, Rinehardt and Winston, Inc. 1989

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