Coral Reef Pathogens is now Black Band DIsease (Final Outiline)

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Presentation Outline for Black Band Disease

1-Brief history of coral diseases
-Several different disease migrations and patterns seen
-But, incomplete characterization of the cause (KochÝs postulates!!)

2-Black Band Disease
-Infects scleratinian corals (Montastrea annularis, M. cavernosa, Diplora strigosa
-Only 2% of corals have BBD
-Serious though ˝ infects large reef-building corals

3-Cause of BBD ˝ cyanobacterium
-Dark band, moves over coral and kills polyps
-Spread rate is fast (1 cm per day) ˝ (coral grows 1 cm per year) !!!
-Microbial community (Phormidium corallyticum) heterotrophic bacteria, and marine fungi

4-Factors that affect spread
-Temperature (increase in summer)
-Light (increase during day)
-Pollution (some increase near cities)
-Not highly contagious (infects previously damaged or unhealthy corals)

5-Confusion among researchers
Story #1: Red Band Disease??
Story #2: Yellow Band Disease???

6-Other diseases that have been identified using KochÝs postulates
-Aspergillosis: (fungus on gorgonians ˝ sea fans)
-White Band Disease type II: (Acropora palmata and A. cervicornis)
-Plague type II: (most destructive, spread rates of 2 cm per day, affects 17 species in the Florida reef tract)

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