Draft#1 - Harmful Algal Blooms (Red Tides)

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Red tides, now known as Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB), have been around forever; but in the past few decades there has been an influx in occurences. A few species of algae produce harmful neurotoxins which can be transfered through the food chain and are known to cause deaths in shellfish, fish, marine mammals, and even humans. HABs consist of microscopic, single celled algae or phytoplankton that can grow exponentially. When this exponential growth occurs, the water appears to be red due to the red blooms of the the algae. In the past decades there has been an influx in occurences and concentration of HABs. Understanding why HABs occur and how we can prevent an abnormal amount of occurences is very important because they are linked to many serious health problems in marine ecosystems and can be deadly to humans.

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