Draft #1 Ecotourism in the Bahamas,Florida Keys & Bahamas:Enjoyment or Destruction

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A couple of summers ago as I was sitting in IES 431, with a professor who was an avid ethnobotanist (aka "A Great Storyteller), the term ecotourism was mentioned, a word in which I had never heard before. As the discussion continued on, I became intrigued with the concept. I myself have always been an avid "outdoors woman" and always wanting to adventure into unknown territory. As a high school teacher, I feel that this is an interesting concept to share with my students because it allows them to make personal connections to several biological concepts without realizing it. Almost everyone is interested in travel, especially into unknown tropical areas. In my presentation I will be sharing the meaning behind the concept of ecotourism along with the positive and negative effects of it in the areas to be traveled.

I. What is ecotourism?
A. History of ecotourism
B. Background information
II. Ecotourism in the Bahamas
A. Tourism statistics
B. Tourist activities
III.Ecotourism in the Florida Keys & the Everglades
A. Tourism statistics
B. Tourist activities
IV. Positive and Negative Effects of Ecotourism
A. in the Bahamas
B. in the Florida Keys & the Everglades
V. Possible Protection Plans & Conservation Movements
VI. Prediction for the future of ecotourism

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2. http://everglades.fiu.edu/

3. http://www.glades.org/

4. http://www.everglades.national-park.com/

5. "People vs. earth is closed case?" Phil Berardelli. Insight on the News, Nov. 11, 1996 v12 n42 p38(2).

6. "Resort ecotourism: a paradigm for the 21st century." Hana Ayala. Cornell Hotel & Restaurant Administration Quarterly, Oct 1996 v37 n5 p46(8)

so far...many more to come!

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