Final Outline - "The Florida Seminoles:Survival in America"

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Final Outline and Resources

I. Brief Historical Perspective
A. White Perspective
B. Indian Perspective
II. Seminole Wars
A. First Seminole War
B. Second Seminole War
C. Letters from the Fourth U.S. Infantry
D. Third Seminole War
III. Post-War Life of Seminole Indians in the 20th. Century
A. Early 1900's
B. Later 1900's
IV. Some Cultural Traditions and Values
A. Seminole Oral Histories
B. Green Corn Dance
C. Legends
D. Education
E. Seminole Vocabulary

1. Milanich, Jerald T., "Florida Indians from Ancient Times to the Present", University Press of Florida, 1998

2. West, Patsy, "The Enduring Seminoles:From Alligator Wrestling to Ecotourism", University Press of Florida, 1998

3. Bennett, Charles E., "Twelve on the River St. Johns", University of North Florida Press, 1989

4. Moore-Willson,Minnie, "The Seminoles of Florida", Moffat,Yard and Company, New York, 1896

5. , "Seminole War" letters and biographical writings from the Fourth U.S. Infantry 1838-1841

6. "Miccosukee Tribe of Indians v. United States

7. "Seminole Indian Oral History Interviews"

8. , "Seminole Tribe of Florida History"

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