Florida Bay: An Important Estuary and Fish Nursery (outline1)

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Discussion Topic: The significance of the Florida Bay as a fish nursery.

This talk will include an introduction to estuaries and a complete description of the Florida Bay. It will then focus on threats to the ecology of the bay, including pollution and reduced freshwater flow due to management of the Everglades. I will then discuss how the bay is significant as a fish nursery. The threats to the bay's ecology will then be discussed in relation to its function as a nursery and the implications on commercial fishing will be explored. This topic holds significance in relation to the Everglades restoration project that is being lead by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Freshwater flow into the bay has been decreased but this project will restore much of the flow that this area has recieved in the past, this freshwater however may contain higher levels of pollutants and nutrients due t land use changes in southern Florida.


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