Life, Mysteries, and Saving the Manatee(Final Outline)

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This is my final outline!

I. Description

A. Class

B. Physical

C. Living conditions

D. Greek myths

II. Effects of power plants/hactories on health of manatees

A. is there cause for concern with the factories funding the research of the manatee?

B. effects: more harm than good?

C. alternatives for supplies of warm water?

III. Why are the manatees endangered?

A. History of the killings

1. hunting by native americans

2. natural events
a. red tide
b. cold winters

IV. What is being done to help the manatee?

A. Laws and policies
1893, Florida Laws passed to protect
1907, $500 fine for killing and harming the manatee
1967, Endangered species list
1972, Federal level Marine Mammal Protection Act
1978, Florida is a "refuge and sanctuary", stated by the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act

B. Education and awareness

C. Enforecement of existing laws protecting the manatee

D. Rehabilitation facilities

E. Organizations(Save the Manatee Club)

F. Human activity

G. Water quality and vegetation affected by water contaminants associated with industrial and sewage treatment discharges

H. Recovery hopes and Objectives
1. "endangered" listing to "threatened"
2. human response and awareness and cooperation

V. Research and studies list

VI. Causes of death

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