Like a Million 4th of July Sparklers on the waves

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I was at Pismo Beach, CA on the night of 11/08/00 and observed an amazing spectacle of natures light show. With each breaking wave it looked as though millions of sparkling lights were glittering on the crest of the wave. There was a moon directly overhead and at first I thought that it was the reflected moonlight but soon realized that I had never seen moonlight causing such brilliance and glitter. It was an amazing sight and when I returned home I began to look on the internet to try to find out what could cause such a phenomenom. Plankton seemed to be the answer so I continued looking until I found this article on Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates and felt that I now knew what I had witnessed. I think that what I saw was a once in a lifetime happening and feel fortunate to have been able to see the wonderful display of nature's light show.

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