Mangrove trees and their contributions to aquatic ecosystems Draft#1

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Discussion topic:Mangrove trees and their contributions to aquatic ecosystems

I remember the first time I snorkeled in southern Florida, at the John Pennekamp State Park. One of the most interesting underwater scenes I was fortuanate to witness was one that I can still picture in my mind today. That of an underwater mangrove ecosystem. So much color and life among these amazing trees, I knew this would be my topic of choice. Mangroves are a unique and important player in tropical aquatic ecosystems, and I hope to shed some light on the compexities of their nature.

-biology of a mangrove tree
-types of mangroves, habitats, locations
-Mangroves role in the aquatic ecosystem
-current status of mangroves
-Why mangroves are important to humans


1. Creatures of the Mangrove/producer Phil Agland
National Geographic Science

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human settlements in mangrove forests." 1986 (5-15)

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