Melaleuca quinquinervia, a look at an invasive plant in South Florida (Draft #1)

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Invasive organisms can have profound effects on the ecology of natural systems. They can alter the normal functioning and severely inhibit the ability of native species to compete for resources. I hope to introduce the class to the general issue of invasive species and focus on one species in particular, Melaleuca quinquinervia. This tree has caused many problems in the Everglades and is a major management concern in the area. The following is a (very) brief outline of what my talk will cover.

I. Invasive species
- what they are, how they effect native species, how they got here, why they
are so good at what they do, etc.

II. Melaleuca quinquinervia
- classification, range, size, uses, habitats, etc.
- life history, breeding/reproduction
- how it was introduced in Florida
- how it effects the natural ecology of the Everglades

III. Control
- mechanical, herbicides, biological, other techniques

IV. Future considerations
- ramifications if it continues to proliferate, factors involved with control techniques, potential to spread, monitoring, etc.


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