Oh Deer Me!

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From Key Deer


I would add an introductory paragraph in Draft2 as to why you chose this topic and what and how you plan on presenting it to us.

I would include an evolutionary history of the Ungulates, which include primitive ungulates such as elephants, odd-toed hoofed mammals such as horses and tapirs, and even toed hoofed mammals such as pigs, camels, giraffes, antelopes, and deer.

What makes a deer similar yet distinctive from other ungulates? How do Ungulates differ from other mammals? What's a deer's teeth like?

How long have deer been in N. America? How did they get here? How is the Key deer different from other deer in N. America?

Visit the Ultimate Ungulate Home Page

Whew....Lots of interesting stuff here.

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Check out the URL: http://research.amnh.org/mammalogy/biblio/ungulates.html.
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