Should we be worried about Sea Snakes? (Final Outline)

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Snakes, either you love them or hate them! Sea Snakes are an interesting species because they have adapted to a totally aquatic life. Following is my final outline and sources.

1. Introduction: Man and snake
a. primeval fear
b. demons, monsters, gods

2. Evolution
a. oldest known reptile fossil
b. snakes evolved from lizards?
c. sea snakes descendants from cobras

3. Adaptations
a. tail
b. lungs
c. salt gland
d. heart

4. life span
a. reproduction
b. vivitarious

5. Native locations
a. Where they are and why
b. Why they are not in certain areas

6. Venom
a. beaked sea snake
b. neurotoxin

7. Exploitation
a. snake skin poducts
b. overhunting

8. conclusion
a. should we stay out of the ocean?

Literature cited

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8. Minton, Sherman., and Heatwole, Harold; "Snakes and the Sea", Oceans,11:55,April 1978


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