The Current Status and Future of the Key Deer in the Florida Keys Draft#2

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-The evolutionary history of deer in the florida Keys

-Specific information about bahavior, populations, habitat and physiology of the Key Deer

-The ecological importance of Key Deer

-Current endangered status and causes

-Future of Key Deer in the Florida Keys


#1 Straw, Deborah "Key Deer in the Headlights" 1998. Natyral Rsources Defense Council. March 26 2000

#2 Miles,Don "The don Miles Key Deer Page" 1996. National Wildlife federation. March 26 2000

#3 Species Deer, Key "Taxonomy" 1996. Management Practices. March 26 2000

#4 The National Key Deer Refuge. Big Pine Valley,Fl (305) 872-2239

#5 Effect of Hurricane Andrew on Survival and Movements of Whitetailed Deer in the Everglades, Labisky, R.F., Journal of Wildlife Management,63(1999)no.3

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