The Impact of Tropical Weather on San Salvador

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Dr. Cummins,

For my presentation discussion I would like to talk about how tropical weather impacts San Salvador. I will be teaching general biology next year and will definitely be doing a unit on biomes/ecosystems. I thought this would be a great way to use my own experience to enrich my curriculm. This topic is important for the participants in the class to know since we will be experiencing the area first hand. I plan on teaching the class the weather of the area and how it impacts the selection of vegiation and organisms on the island. I am however finding difficulty in finding background information resources. When I find information it mostly describes tropical rain forests or tropical savannahs. Most of what I have found is current daily images and reports on the the weather of the area. If you have any suggestions on sites or even books to refer to I would be very appreciative. The books I have found are almost too general and do not give specific information on San Salvador itself. However, I have come up with a very general plan on what I would like to teach to the class:

The Impact of tropical weather on San Salvador
I. What is a tropicl area? (general characteristics)
II. Seasons of the tropics
III. Severe weather impacts (hurricanes, storms)
IV. Impacts on the vegitation and organisms of San Salvador (why these organisms live there with that weather!)

I am not sure if I am making this too general and if I should just focus on one part of the outline, eg. hurricanes. Any imput you have would be most appreciated.

Elizabeth Gocek

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