"Conservation of Threatened or Endangered Sea Turtle Species of S. Florida Region"

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In Southern Florida and the Florida Keys region there are threatened and endangered Sea Turtle Species. We must help conserve and protect these species such as (the): Atlantic Loggerhead Turtle (T), Atlantic Green Turtle (E), Leatherback Turtle (E), Atlantic Hawksbill Turtle (E), Atlantic Ridley's Turtle (E). I will discuss the conservation attempts and reasons why, where and how we must protect these species.

I. Introduction: Sea Turtle Species endangered or threatened

II. Regions of Concern: Southern Florida and Florida Keys region

III. Conservation Efforts

IV. Why and how we must conserve and protect Sea Turtle Species

V. Organazations involved in conservation efforts

Bibliograhy (more to come)

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http://everglades.fiu.edu/taskforce/prescursor/chapter12.html. Recovery of Regionally Healthy Pop...e and Indacator Species of Animals.

Logan, Tom. "Florida's Endangered Species, Threatened and Species of Spec. Concern." http://fcn.state.fl.us./gfc/pubs/endagered.html

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