rainforest tourism - an environmental option for threatened resources in Costa Rica

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Dear Khara,

I am very pleased to read your discussion topic, becuase it is more or less my dissertation topic.

I am currently studying MA Tourism and Environmental Management at the International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Resaerch, Bournemouth University, UK.

I am now conducting research for my dissertation in which I hope to produce a critique of the environmental management measures adoted as a buffer against tourism in rainforests of Costa Rica. I will therefore start with a critical discussion about ecotourism and its negative as well as positive aspects.

I hope to go to Costa Rica in June or July, to speak to some organisations and especially with the MOnteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Institute, becuase i would like to use it as my major case study.

I found so far a lot of general literature in terms of ecotourism, environmental auditing and sustainable development. It is more difficult to find specific information about the connection between rainforests and tourism and its necessary environmental management.

If you have any further tips or advices or if you want to communicate with me and my progresses so far, I would be delighted to hearing from you soon.

Barbara Koenig

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