Medicinal Plants in the Rainforst:Effects on biodiversity and indigenous

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I. Introduction
a. History of medicinal plant discovery
b. Involvement of large pharmaceutical companies
c. Stats on rainforest biodiversity as well as extinctions
II. Discuss Specific Medicinal Plants discovered in the rainforest
a. Which drug qualities are highly desired and sought after
b. Specific discoveries: paclitaxiel, Artemisinin, Hypercin, and other antiviral and antioxidant drugs.
III. Indigenous peoples
a.. Biodiversity prospecting
b. Legal Issues- Intellectual Property Rights Law (IPR)
c. Traditional resource rights
IV. Costa Rica- Merck and InBio agreement
a. Agreement conditions
b. affect on indigenous population
c. Royalties toward conserving Costa Rican Biodiversity
d. Uniquess? Why it may not work in other developing countries.
e. Chemical prospecting-Developing the agreement
V. The InBIo organization itself!
a. cataloguing biodiversity
b. improve environmental education among Costa Ricans
VI. Biodiverstiy Convention Treaty
a. Why didnt the U.S sign?
VII. Future agreements between industry and other countries.
a. other countries currently trying to set up similar agreements
b. suggestions for future

** This is a rough idea of what I want to talk about in my paper. I would like to briefly touch on the actual plants that have been discovered and have had an impact on
current medicines. I would then like to shift my focus more toward the affects on sampling the rainforest on indigenous people. Specifically I will try to talk about what
has been done in Costa Rica, as it has lead the other rainforest countries in trying to preserve the rainforest environment.

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