Outline #1, Migratory Bird Conservation

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Outline #1

Migratory bird conservation

I) Basic background
A) What are "migratory birds"?
B) Natural history background.

II) The issues
A) American issues
1) Loss of nesting sites (habitat loss and fragmentation)
2) Competition from non-native species
B) Costa Rican issue
1) Exotic species trade
2) Habitat competition (land use)

III) Various reasons for conservation
A) Ecological
B) Economical
C) Social

IV) Current conservation efforts

Right now the fourth section is going through a change. Input about what people would like to hear about will be of great help. I could talk about different organizations and their conservation efforts. Or I could talk about general conservation efforts in the US and Costa Rica. In each case I would site specific aspects that deal with bird conservation.

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