Deep Sea Vents (outline 1)

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Deep Sea Vents (aka hydrothermal Vents)

A. Hydrothermal vents
1. What they are
a. description and geological features
b. locations (and variations/differences of vents)
c. formation
d. particles released

B. Vent Ecosystems
1. thriving life
2. life support
3. new domain discovered
a. Archea
4. "living fossils"
(pictures of a few vent organisms)

C. Scientific mysteries concerning vents
1. colonization of vent communities
2. vent cycles
3. vent illumination
4. some geological features

D. Importance
1. discoveries lead to evolution answers
2. possible medical uses
3. possible industrial uses
4. hydrothermal circulation

E. Current hydrothermal vent debates
1. Should we continue to explore these areas?
a. effects caused by exploration
2. mining
3. preservation laws


"The Universe Below" by William Broad
"Sea Vents: Living Worlds Without Sun" by John Walters
Cathy Chudzinski: Professor

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