Final-Fishing in the Bahamas

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I Commercial fishing as contribution to Gross National Product

II Sport Enthusiast fishing
a)calander fishing dates

III Fishing/diving rules enforced by ministry of agriculture & fisheries
b)with what
c)& what is legal to fish

IV Bahamas Government as relates to fishing

V US conservationist groups
c)Clinton's ocean policies


Ministry o/Agriculture & Fisheries, P.O. Box N-3028, Nassau,
The Bahamas. Tel(242) 325-7502.
Ministry o/Tourism, Market Plaza, P.O Box N-3701, The
Bahamas. Tel(242)322-7500.
NOAA. (301)713-2370.
Sea Turtle Restoration Poject. PO Box 400, Forest Knolls,
CA 94933. Tel(415)488-0372.

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