Stranglers of the Rainforest!!!!!!!!! (draft #1)

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Hi Hays!

I want to do my presentation on Strangler Fig trees. I have just started researching this so I don't have a lot of references yet or a clear outline, but that will follow shortly.

Strangler figs are part of a very interesting family of trees. The Stranglers have adapted an interesting way to compete for space and sunlight in the dense folige of the rain forest. They also have developed many mutualistic and psuedo-mutualistic relationships with some of the rainforest fauna, especially wasps and bats!

Preliminary References:

The Neotropical Companion

Greeff, Jaco M.; Ferguson, J. Willem H. 1999. "Mating ecology of the
nonpollinating fig wasps of Ficus" Animal Behaviour 57(1). p.215-222

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