draft#1/ The affect of saltwater intrusion on the Bahamian aquifer system

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The affect of saltwater intrusion on the Bahamian aquifer system

This is just a very general topic right now.

The reason I am interested in studying the effects of saltwater on the aquifer systems of the Bahamas is that I have had a couple of hydrogeology classes. In those classes we studied how over-pumping of a freshwater aquifer system can lead to saltwater intrusion and spoilage of that system. This is all the more pressing as societies become more dependent on ground water as their primary water source.

In general:
1. I would begin by reviewing the history of water use within the Bahama's

2. I would illustrate how saltwater intrusion occurs and the causes behind it

3. I would explain the current situation within the Bahama's and how saltwater intrusion is affecting the supply of fresh water to the Bahamian community.

This is all I have for now.
-Jon Wright

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