the fascinating world of rays

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I. Background information
a. introduction to rays

II. what is a ray
a. physiology of rays
b. reproduction
c. habitat

III. ray evolution
a. how long ago did they evolve
b. evolutionary links

IV. defenses and survival techniques
a. venomous spines
b. electric organs
c. scutes

V. how rays get around
a. propulsion
b. adaptations and physiology related to movement

VI. behavior and conservation issues
a. social organisms
b. uses of rays (humans)
c. other threats to rays

VII. specific species information....maybe seen in the bahamas
a. southern stingray
b. spotted eagle rayj
c. manta ray

tricas et al, the nature company guides sharks and rays
herald, earl s., living fishes of the world
gosner, k., a field guide to the atlantic seasher
mccormick et al, shadows in the sea

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