Draft#1: More than anyone in their right mind would want to know about BANANAS

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The Banana is my choice presentation topic for Costa Rica. I plan to educate our class on the origin of bananas, their history in Costa Rica, banana plantation pesticides: their effect on humans and the environment, plantation workers, and the politics of the banana industry.

Hopefully, through my presentation we can learn that there is more to the banana than meets the eye. I plan to give an overview of many aspects of the banana, from agriculture and production to plantation worker's individual stories.

The banana industry is rapidly changing in today's society and many people are not aware of banana related issues, whether they be political or agricultural. Bananas are the number one gross volume product in United States supermarkets and I believe it is important to understand the origins and issues of such a popular food. The topic of bananas is also relevant to our class since we will be visiting a banana plantation while we are in Costa Rica.

By the time our class is over, I hope every class member is a "banana expert."

I will submit a tentative outline soon, but I am still organizing my abundance of information.

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