Draft#1 The State of AIDS: An Epidemiological Study of HIV and AIDS in Latin America

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I have not researched my topic much. The direction I want my talk to follow is a discussion of the AIDS epidemic in Latin America. I was shocked at the statistics and situation I encountered in Kenya last spring, and I want to investigate that topic in another third world country. This time, however, it will be in the Western hemisphere.

I think the comparison of AIDS at home with what I know of Africa will develop an understanding of the AIDS epidemic world-wide. AIDS is obviously an important issue to be informed about, and the point of studying abroad is to expand one's knowledge of world issues and ideas. I think this topic will fit in wonderfully as one of the major scientific and social issues of our day.

The basic outline is to compare Latin America and the United States. Most people are familiar with the situation here and comparing the situation there to here will further the understanding of the "state of AIDS." I plan on talking about numbers of people infected and mainly the campaign to beat the disease.

I will research the topic more and get back to you later with more information.

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