Draft#2: More Bananas!!

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Draft #2: Outline for Banana Report
My goal is to educate people about the history of the banana, chemical use on
plantations, workers and Carl Linder, the head of Chiquita.

Pass out info. sheet of fun facts and stats about bananas.

I. Origin of the Banana
A. Asia, Southern China or Indochina and the Malay Archipelago
1. Primitive bananas
2. Cultivated bananas

II. History of Bananas
A. Religion
1. Koran
2. Islamic
3. Hinduism
B. First described by Theophratus
C. Old Hawaii
D. Scientific Name
E. Introduction to Western Hemisphere

III. Costa Rica Banana Plantation History
A. First Plantation
B. Boston Fruit Co. merges into United Fruit
C. Government Intervention
D. Standard Fruit Co.
E. Nationalization of Banana Market
F. Chiquita and United Brands

IV. Banana Pesticides
A. Pesticides
1. Use of
2. Consequences
B. Soil and Drainage
C. Pest Control and Fruit Protection
D. Adverse Environmental and Health Effects
1. Toxicity
2. World Health Organization
3. Poisonings and Banana Plantations

V. Agrochemicals on Plantations
A. Effects on plantations and wildlife risks
1. Organochlorine (OC)
a. Fish
b. Bird mortality
c. Foxes
B. Effects on Humans
1. Problem with OC pesticides
2. Human tissue samples
3. High lipid content
4. Sterility
a. lawsuits
b. 1981 government order
5. Birth defects

VI. Plantation Workers and Strife
A. Facts and Figures
B. Doris' Story
1. Doris' story
a. history
b. union
c. fired
d. black list
C. Effects of Agrochemicals on Women
1. Diseases
2. pregnancies
E. Fighting Back
F. Carlos' story
1. History
2. "Burnt One"
3. Legal Compensation

VII. Chiquita Banana Politics
A. Carl Linder
1. Trade Barriers
2. Competition for US Trade
3. Money Funneling
4. WTO ruling

VIII. Conclusion

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