Ah! I think this slipped by, "ON" [my flat-chested analogy]

This research topic submitted by Nihil (NihilistFerret@antisocial.com) on 5/18/01.

In 'Ah nihil you're still lying' you asked: "As I said before, anyone who reads your previous posts can see for themselves how many times you've contradicted yourself both morally and ethically. For example, I really don't see how you can support Tim's roid-ragish behavior while ripping apart Lisa. You say Lisa was a jerk? For what? Trying to instill some confidence? (And heck yes I have respect for that woman!) Yet again, it's you trying to destroy anyone who doesn't agree with your own morbid view of women (and perhaps the world)... Face it. You Hate Women. Don't you Ferretboy? Please don't bring up your platonic relationships with the fairer sex. Even if you do have friends that are girls, I have no doubt that you still hate women. Yes Nihil, you hate them while putting on a facade. So many times on this board have you attacked women. Heck, even your sidekick Tim verbally slapped you in an instance! Why? Because your two-facedness came to light."

My response to that is thus:

Tim's "road ragish behavior" was just him venting furiously about his frustrations. It sounded like in real life he was shy and quiet, hardly a rage-aholic who would shoot some one. I don't hold it against him for being miserable and for letting off steam here.

On the other hand, I thought Lisa and Beth had a lot of nerve posting what they did. Both of these women implied that height was no issue, and that we were pathetic for letting it bother us- all we needed for success was confidence. Heck, as a person with a so called "god complex" I'm harldly lacking in confidence. Their paultry advice certainly won't help me any. It is also insensitive and cruel to the rest of us- especially those who have been dumped or divorced or rejected for the reason of height, and to those who have tried repeatedly and failed. The insinuation is that the blame lies in the person's own character, not their height.

I would draw an analogy to a situation I think similar to this:

I prefer women with smaller breasts- I wouldn't even consider flat-chestedness to detract from a girls appearance. However, most men prefer big breasts, there is no denying that. But say, hypothetically I stumbled upon a message board for flat-chested women, and observed them writing despairingly about their breast sizes- about how they are excluded from dating, not attractive, etc. I might be compelled to leave a message saying that some men including myself prefer small breasts- and probably would.

But would I be so bold as to go a step further and say that being flat-chested wasn't any problem at all- and that they were pathetic for letting it bother them? Would I try to demean them for communicating their insecurities about their breasts? Would I try to say it was all in their heads, or that if they were just nicer girls they'd have no trouble finding a good-looking boyfriend? No, I would certainly not- but isn't that essentially what Lisa and Beth were doing? That is why I do not regret what I said to them.

This certainly does not mean I am a misogynist who hates all or most women, lol. And yeah, I do have a lot of good platonic friends.

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