Everybody UNITE!

This research topic submitted by mike g on 7/22/01.

What is wrong with everybody here! I am 1'8'' and I dont have any trouble attracting women! Ok, maybe I do, but the hookers dont turn me down! hehe. Being a 1'8'' man isnt really all that bad, I dont know why u 5'0''-5'6'' people are complaining! Try wearing my shoes! it probably wont fit, but stretch em out and put em on and you'll see how harsh life can really be! So everybody cheer up, I'm 1'8'' and I have a beautiful voice, check out my songs at http://mp3.com/idiot You will love them. Greetings, and hope to see you all in a distant star someday. bye.

Check out the URL: http://mp3.com/idiot.
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