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This research topic submitted by nihil (a.k.a. anonypuss) (NihilistFerret@antisocial.com) on 3/7/01.

I don't stand on my toes much, cause it only gives me a couple of inches at best, meaning I'm still a head shorter than most guys, standing just under 5'5". Like I said before, I rather remain crouched. There just isn't much point to struggling to get that extra inch that doesn't mean anything. I haven't broken out the platform shoes for ages. But seriously, I don't think people can tell when I'm wearing them. I have some really long baggy pants to cover the shoes, and I am able to walk fine in them. The biggest reason I don't wear them more often is because I am afraid of damaging them, platform shoes are soo hard to find, I only got one pair. But sometimes I have gotten sore ankles from wearing them a whole day. I don't agree about those things making people look shorter, or 'fake'. I liken it to a woman wearing a pushup bra or something. I don't care if people notice them, at least it keeps more of them at eye-level.

Anyways, I am so short I sometimes think its downright funny- as I've said before I consider myself to be actually comical looking. Once in a blue moon do a see any caucasian guy as short as me. In truth, I don't feel like a normal person when about 97% of men are taller than me, rather like a hobbit in a world of giants,lol this one time a kid even mistook me for an elf. I've gotten used to that, and I think I have a much better attitude about it that your friend- and I really don't think that inch and a half or whatever means anything. I got a lot off my chest here, thanks for hearing me whine.

I once stated that I thought people had treated me like dirt because of my height. I think I was mistaken. I think the people who have treated me like dirt have done so more because I was a nice guy [use me], and because I was not particularly 'in style'. Sure, ugly people are treated worse that the attractive, but still. I don't think that was only half of it. Most people are just rotten to each other, thats all.

About women. Yes, I still have very low expectations about that. The worst parts when sometimes the ugliest girls imaginable start flirting with ya, hitting on, even. You know you look pretty damn bad when that happens. Its also funny when your height confuses people about your age- and you notice 11 year olds checking you out. I am glad you yourself have apparently had luck with women, although you may just be saying that. I don't know what you have that I lack. There is no redeeming differance between our heights. Perhaps you have a more flambeuyant/ boysterous/ romantic/ macho type personality, one that women seem to find more attractive than whatever wierdo loser personality I have.

BTW I would like to know what country you are from, and what region- some subcultures feel height is less important. In the UK and Oz height appears to be less important. I am from the midwesters U.S.

One last thing, about my Mom. No, I had never really talked to her about it much. She's usually the one who brings it up. She beats herself up for not finding me a growth hormone or whatever, how the hell did I turn out this short she wonders?! Did I get a recessive midget gene from my grandmother? Was it nurtition? Was it that the food at home always sucked and I ate sparingly growing up? I honestly only talked about it to anyone IRL a couple of time. It is funny how my mom tries to point out people who she thinks are shorter than me.. people who are really really, short. Its hilarious how these people are always AT LEAST 5'8" inches tall. Like thats supposed to make me feel better, lol. I think she looks at me as a sort of 'Marty'. She used to suggest I go to singles clubs or some shit like that. She backed down about that stuff, she knows better- not wanting to push me into experiences that may potentially make me suicidal. lol I'm glad at least I don't have one of those classical 'Italian type' mothers who asks every week if she's going to have grandchildren yet :)

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