Hold on, Bal Bal

This research topic submitted by Wil on 6/22/01.

Your rage is just dripping off your words. I don't recall your age nor your height from your previous postings, but you sure sound like a VERY short, VERY bitter man.

In all our hardships, there is the real issue that we are all human beings. And it is an absolutely natural reaction for any human being to notice that someone else is short. Let's face it -- you can't help BUT notice. Yes, I agree that you cannot hide the fact that you are short. But the act of noticing does not make one an asshole, as you pretend in your posting.

You have to understand that the person who tells you to "get on with your life" doesn't KNOW to say anything else in the circumstance. It's more a matter of IGNORANCE as well as an issue of EDUCATION. If more people were told of the pain that we experience as short men, a lot of the discrimination would decrease.

As to your suggestion of becoming gay, I'll pass, tyvm. One gay parade is one too many, as far as I am concerned. But that's another topic.


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