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This research topic submitted by Nihil (a.k.a. anonypuss) ( on 3/19/01.

Thanks for the praise Dan. I was being melodramatic, but in school esp. gradeschool I certainly believe small boys do tend to become omegas unless they are able to compensate by showing extreme meanness and cruelty. I did not become cruel, and was therefore pretty much ostracised in gradeshool, it was terrible. By high-school I wasn't picked on nearly as much, no longer being the omega. I was still picked on sometimes and was in no way popular. Nerds and Geeks took on the omega role. I had a very apethetic and cynical personality and mostly kept to myself. Being withdrawn I was not as easily picked on as geeky kids, who may have been short or fat or just ugly, and still openly talked about themselves, acted like asses, and tried to get hot girls but got shot down and always making themselves look stupid. I knew better. I wasn't a geek, I always weighed everything I said carefully, never revealing much about myself. But being mostly unnoticed prevented me from being a true omega. If I had tried to fit in with Jocks, as Eric Harris did, I doubt I would have fared as well.

I'll respond to the rest of your message later.

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