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This research topic submitted by Tim on 7/3/01.

I think that maybe the life expectancy is a lot shorter for extremely short men (like 5'3" and shorter) than for regular short to tall men. I occassionally see guys who are about my age who are 5'3" or shorter. But I almost never see a man who is 5'3" or shorter who is 40 years old or older. I probably see a different guy who is young and 5'3" or shorter about once a month or two. But I will see a man who is 5'3" or shorter and is 40 years old or older about once a year or so. And a 5'3" or shorter man over age 60 I probably see about once every two years. I got to thinking, why is it that I see the younger extremely short guys so much more than even middle aged ones (not to mention elderly ones)? The only explanation that I could think of is that most of the extremely short male population dies before reaching middle age. Most of the extremely short males must die from murder and suicides before reaching middle age if my theory is true. People hate us, and we are more vulnerable would explain the high murder and suicide rates.
My mom's side of the family is very short. My dad's side of the family is of average height (although my dad is an exception being somewhat short at 5'7"). Both families are quite large leaving less room for error. There have been no suicides on either side of my family that me or my parents are aware of. However, on my mom's side of the family three people (all men) have been murdered in the last fifty years. On my dad's side of the family, only one person (a man) has been murdered. That was another thing that got me to think about this life expectancy correlation with height.
Maybe this is all in my head. I doubt anyone will believe my theory that a very high percentage of 5'3" and shorter males are murdered or commit suicide compared to the population of short to tall males. Nevertheless, I am scared that my theory is true. I had to tell this theory. I think that almost no one would notice if a high percentage of the 5'3" and shorter male population died compared to the rest of the population. There are so few of us that people would just notice individual deaths rather than the whole extremely short population.

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