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1)Male or female? male
2)Your height? 198cm(standing tall)
3)Have you ever dated someone shorter than yourself? yeah
4)Would you ever date someone shorter than yourself? yes, no choice really
5)If two candidates for a job had exactly the same
qualifications (assuming the job had no built in advantages
or requirements for size), do you think the 6 person would
be given it or the 5 6 person? i have been visiting this site for a long time now, prob about a yr thoguh this is my first night of posting. At first i woudl have given it to the person who was 6 foot, though now i would have to say it depends on the job. A person 6 foot who is good lookign etc, may stop to talk mroe to other ppl and thus be else efficent then someone who is 5'6. so i would have to say it depends on the circumstances.

6)If you had the choice, would you be taller, shorter or the
same (indicate amount of change if applicable)? Why? currently i would be shorter, and i would be shorter by 1 inch or so. Though i would be happy to stay the height i am and jsut build up 20 kg or so.
7)Do you believe society favors height? If so, how? Yes though not that much. At least around here anyhow(australia) height is not the greatest issue, i think it is all in our own heads.
8)Do you believe it is better biologically to be taller? undoubtably i do. for all the activities i do it is much better to be tall, stacking stock in shops etc, hunting, swimming etc. though in office jobs etc i don't think ti matters. I belive it is biologically better to by slim then fat. Therefore if you are tall and lean, or short and lean you are better then someone who is fat

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